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Reusable Cotton Facial Cleansing Rounds Set

Reusable Cotton Facial Cleansing Rounds Set

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Our Reusable Cotton Facial Cleansing Rounds Set offers an elegant solution to everyday facial cleansing. Crafted from soft cotton and presented in a timeless bamboo container, the set of 10 washable rounds offers convenience and luxury. Enjoy a gentle, sustainable cleanse each day with our reusable and washable facial cleansing rounds.

Replace your disposable makeup remover or facial cleansing cotton rounds today!

Cotton pads are 3 inches in diameter
Bamboo container dimensions are 4 inches in height x 4 inches in diameter

How to Use:
* Put your makeup remover on the makeup pads, then gently rub over face to remove your makeup.
* Wash your face with a gentle face wash, then dampen a round with warm water to remove the soap and dirt/debris from the day.
* The rounds can be washed in the washing machine or hand washed with gentle soap.
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