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We're partnering with those who share our love of non-toxic ingredients and self care routines.

Why join our affiliate program?

  • Earn Commission: You will receive 12% commission on sales from your affiliate links.
  • Get Early Access: You'll receive early access to what's coming soon (promotions, product launches, and more).
  • Exclusive Offers: You'll periodically receive free products and unique discount codes to share with others.

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How it Works

1. There is no cost to apply, and applications are reviewed within 7 days of submission. Once the application review period is completed, you will receive an email with our decision.

2. Share about Life Essentials products on your social media, in-person, with friends and family by providing a unique-to-you link that they will need to use when ordering.

3. Earn 12% commission on purchases made through your link.



Program Requirements:

  • You must share a minimum of 2 social posts per month about Life Essentials products. These posts can be:
    • Product demonstrations
    • Your skin before and after that highlight product results
    • Your honest review of our products
    • Why our brand values resonate with you
    • Ways you incorporate our products into your daily life
    • What you love about the product (scent/ingredients/texture/packaging/etc)
  • Tag @SarahLifeEssentials or Life Essentials Skincare and add #LEskincare so we can engage and promote your posts
  • If you have questions about how a product works or what it is best for, please email us at for help.
  • Avoid using the term "organic" when describing our products.

Life Essentials Affiliate Nontoxic Skincare Products0