Summer Skincare Routines

Did you know your skin care products and routines should adjust with the seasonal temperatures?

Your skin has different needs once the temperatures warm up and the humidity levels increase. The skin routines below are guidelines to follow once the temperature is 80 degrees (27 Celsius) or more during the daytime regularly. 

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And before the temperatures warm up that much, you need to set a plan for your skin care routines.  Think about your skin's current appearance, read the summer routine tips in this post and decide which ones you will be doing, and evaluate the current products you have and if you will be keeping any of them in the summer routine. 

When building your summer skin routines, you will plan your daily morning and evening skin products.  Then you will plan your weekly extra self care plus skin items.



Your morning routine needs to focus on refreshing your skin from the night and protecting it going into the new day.  How will you do this?

  • Start with a hydrating toner and moisturizer. You're skin will thank you for this extra moisture after a long night.
  • Apply sunscreen before heading out the door (this isn't just in the morning, and reapply often if you are outside for long periods of time.
  • Add your makeup as the last layer.
  • Be sure to give your skin enough time between each product so it soaks in.


Your daily evening skin routine should focus on cleansing restoring hydration, and preparing your skin to heal itself overnight. These steps allow your body to repair your skin while you sleep!

  • Use a gentle cleanser every night before you lay down for bed.
  • Gently apply a hydrating toner that also heals and calms your skin.
  • Choose either a face serum or moisturizer, whichever you love the most, as you may not need both during warm, humid months.


Lastly, schedule self care time on your calendar each week, at any time of day that feels best to you.  And stick to it like it's an appointment--because it is!

During your self care time, focus on caring for your whole self, as well as some extra pampering for your skin. This will look individual to you, but here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Put on music that makes you feel good or is relaxing to you.
  • If you love podcasts, turn one on and be fully engulfed in it, thinking of nothing else.
  • Or if reading is your favorite, grab your latest book and enjoy a couple chapters.
  • A relaxing bath with a candle lit and dim lights, might be exactly the feel you are craving this week.  Add a bath bomb or soaking salts to the warm water.
  • Exfoliate all of your skin with a scrub (body, and face/lips) to remove dead skin to allow products to soak in deeper.
  • Try a new bar soap and really enjoy the scent.
  • Apply a face mask, giving yourself some extra time to sit and relax while you wait to wash it off.


Now you're ready to set your skin care routines for morning, evening, and weekly self care. 

Download our Summer Skincare Routine Planner worksheet here to get you started.


The next post will cover the products perfect for summer.  Stay tuned!

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