Eats and Drinks to Avoid For Glowing Summer Skin

Did you know that what you consume can affect the appearance of your skin?

Consuming certain items in excess at any time of the year will lead to acne breakouts, looking older than you are, dullness, and flakey-dry skin.

  • Lots of sugar, highly processed foods, processed meats with a lot of salt, and soy products increase inflammation in the body which leads to acne breakouts and signs of pre-mature aging.

  • Cow milk and cow milk products cause an increase in the oily combination that your body naturally produces. This sits on top of the skin to protect your skin but when your body produces too much it will cause acne breakouts.

  • Alcohol is a diuretic that will dehydrate your body, including your skin.  When your skin is dehydrated it will be dry, flakey, and show all signs of aging.


You'll notice from the list above that there are no veggies, fruits, or anything water-based to add moisture back into the body through consumption.  But your body needs at least 20% of water from foods eaten and drinks consumed to function well and even more than that for proper digestions to happen body temperature is raised. So, when it's hot outside, your body is going to use all of the water available to work on digesting food and not to keep your skin hydrated.  To help your body function properly plus give great hydration to your skin, you will need to keep the items listed above to a minimum consumption, in hot weather months.

Plus, you will want to increase your water intake along with consuming plenty of foods high in antioxidants.  Fruits, veggies, and healthy fats are wonderful to eat during the summer to help with skin dryness, slow fine lines from forming, and keep your skin glowing.

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